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Fanboy is a term used for hardcore fans, usually for movie buffs and video game junkies.  In the movie fanboy, we are introduced to four Star Wars’ nerds, Windows(Jay Baruchel), Eric(Sam Huntington), Linus(Chris Marquette), Hutch(Dan Fogler).  The gang decides to go on a cross country trip to Lucas Ranch so they can watch Phantom Menace before anyone else.  Along the way, the cute but underused Zoe(Kristen Bell) decides to join them on their wild adventure.

The beginning of the movie dragged and the jokes were predictable. The real fun begins when they hit the road.  Along the way,cameos are abound as they meet quirky characters.  What makes their adventure good are the nerdy inside jokes.  Pretty much all of the jokes are fanboy related.  Best part was the Star Wars vs Star Trek battles,  some funny exchanges between the two groups.  The third part of the movie becomes a little bit more serious.  For most comedies, having a serious tone will ruin the movie, but for Fanboys it elevated it from an “okay” movie to a “good” movie.

Fanboys is funny and heartwarming because the filmmakers portrayed the characters in a good but awkward light, something that we can all relate to.
Grade: B+

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