Movie Review: Final Destination 5

Final Destination 5 Poster Movie Review: Final Destination 5

Final Destination movies excel at gory, chain of reaction death scenes and over the top gore. Critic Roger Ebert termed them “dead teenager movies” and the Final Destination series has been a good example of them. The formula is so simple and easily replicated that the series could go on forever. Happily, if Final Destination 5 is the last film, the series has gone out on a good, gory note and the final scenes pay homage to the first and best film in the series. Gone is the more jokey tone of the last sequel (one which I liked but divided fans) and in its place is a darker, leaner experience.

The big opening setpiece is a visually stunning bridge collapse that sets the fateful tone for the rest of the movie. After having a premonition of a huge bridge collapse, Sam warns his fellow employees of impending doom. After cheating death, the 8 survivors are killed off one by one. The acting here is competent and there’s a fun cameo from Tony Todd (Candyman himself) as a coroner who seems to know all the rules and plot mechanics in play and who warns the survivors of their impending demise. Todd has been in the series before and he’s always welcome to add a creepy jolt. The 3-D here is pretty badass and the series benefits from a larger budget and bigger scale. Final Destination 5 should please both hardcore fans of the series and newcomers alike. It’s a bloody blast of 3-D gore.

Grade: B+

pixel Movie Review: Final Destination 5

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