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The FP Cover Movie Review: The FP

The FP is a wacky little gem. An utterly ridiculous spoof of 80s movies where macho men from a near-future settle their differences over bouts of Beat Beat Revelation aka Dance Dance Revolution. It’s as fun and stupid as it sounds. The FP is one of those ready-made cult movies that some people will enjoy while others will scratch their heads in disbelief. Made on the cheap by The Trost Brothers (one of the brothers also stars in the movie), it’s a fun ride that pushes its one joke premise to the breaking point without totally sinking. A special mention must be given to the excellent, electronic score. It adds so much to the movie, as well as the bouts of DDR. Eurodance beats and a synth score to make John Carpenter proud all help the film immensely.

The FP stands for ‘Frazier Park’ the setting of the movie. The FP is in turmoil after champion BTRO is defeated by an evil newcomer and gang leader L Dubba E (a hilarious Lee Valmassy). BTRO’s brother goes into hiding, devasted by his brother’s death and vows never to play Beat Beat Revelation again. He’s coached (in a very funny training montage) and must defeat L Dubba E with the help of his girlfriend Stacey and best bud KCDC. The movie is a constant tirade of profanity delievered in street slang and some of the language is sure to offend people, then again, I’m sure that is the point. With a perfect final shot, The FP ends on a high note just as the movie truly begins to run out of gas. The FP isn’t for everyone, but it’s fun and runs a mere 82 minutes. The FP is available on demand, DVD, Blu-ray, and on Netflix. Dance with your mind!

Grade: B

pixel Movie Review: The FP

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