Movie Review: Green Lantern

Green Lantern Movie Review: Green Lantern

Green Lantern is an intergalactic mess. A lame dud from start to finish. The opening 15 minutes or so have such incoherent and labored narration that they will turn off even fanboys, and put everyone else in the audience in a comatose state. The almost 200 million dollar flick is nowhere near as good as The Dark Knight or X Men: First Class and it makes Thor look like a charming underplayed masterpiece. The acting isn’t very good (Reynolds smirks in a sort of Top Gun-lite performance) and the effects are overblown and noisy. The pacing is also particularly bad. The movie barely moves for the first half and features good actors (Tim Robbins, Angela Basset) in small roles giving embarrassing performances. The screenplay is also bad as the word “fear” is uttered over 100 times. Fear was also a big theme in Batman Begins, but that script was eons better than Green Lantern.

Green Lantern is about a cocky pilot named Hal Jordan (Reynolds, who is OK at best) who gets a ring from a dying superhero alien and attempts to save the world from a giant smoke force field with tentacles…..or something. Blake Lively (of the epic television series Gossip Girl) is fetching but comatose as the love interest. Only Mark Strong holds your attention as a commanding Sinestro, but he has far too little screen time to save the movie. Box office is soft and word of mouth is sure to be deadly, hopefully killing the chance for a sequel. The effects and action scenes (there are a few) are not awful but there’s little else to recommend Green Lantern. In the end Green Lantern commits the biggest sin of all for any movie, it’s boring.

Grade: D

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