Movie Review: Harry Brown

harry brown poster Movie Review: Harry Brown

I was browsing through the blu-ray titles at my local rental store, and saw Harry Brown. It looked interesting, it’s Alfred from Batman, but this time, he’s suppose to be like Charles Bronson from Death Wish. I watched the film, and boy was I wrong! He’s nothing like Charles Bronson, because Charles Bronson wouldn’t run out of breath while chasing the unfortunate thugs in his neighborhood. This is the premise of Harry Brown, an old man seeking revenge. It’s a more realistic approach to films like Death Wish and Man on Fire.

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I was disappointed, not because the film was horrible, but because of my false expectations of the film. I thought that this would be an action-packed ass-kicking film, but it’s not. I would hardly consider this film as Action, it’s more like drama with a bit of social-commentary thrown into the mix. Understandably, the pacing of the story is slow as it is about an elderly man . The acting is good, Michael Caine delivers as a fragile old man looking for some payback. I don’t want to say anymore, as I don’t want to spoil the film.

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Overall, a decent movie, maybe a good movie if you don’t expect it to be an ass-kicking revenge film. I would still recommend it because it’s different, and it’s well made. Just don’t expect it to fulfill your needs as an action-junkie.

Grade: C

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