Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses had a great opening weekend at the box office for an R-rated comedy and its easy to see why. It’s a raunchy, crude, but very funny ride. The premise seems to also appeal to a large number of the viewing public who are fed up with their job, their boss, or both. Horrible Bosses has a good cast and an easy to follow plot. The cast is uniformly good but the two standouts are Charlie Day and Colin Farrell. Farrell in particular brings a nasty zeal to his crude role as a paranoid cokehead boss. Almost impossible to recognize under a hideous combover, Farrell seems to delight in making his character as noxious as possible.

Horrible Bosses is about 3 upper middle class workers who are all friends and all live under the reign of bosses who are noxious bullies. They get the bright idea to murder their bosess with the help of a “murder consultant” played in a funny performance by Jamie Foxx. Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and the ever-reliable Jason Bateman play the workers while the bosses are played by Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey (surprisingly effective), and Colin Farrell. Things go wrong and the movie goes surprisingly dark for a comedy, but the laughs keep coming. This is a crudely hilarious movie for adults only, and for a good politically incorrect laugh (leave the sensitive do-gooder liberals at home), Horrible Bosses is a hard movie to beat.

Grade: B+

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