Movie Review: I Love You, Man

i love you man Movie Review: I Love You, Man

I’ve notice a lot of male couples during my screening of I Love You, Man starring Paul Rudd (Peter Klaven) and Jason Segel (Sydney Fife). But just because it’s a bromantic movie, doesn’t mean you can’t bring your lady friends to the party. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are on a role after Role Models and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Even though Apatow’s name isn’t attached to this movie, his influence can be seen with his raunchy comedy with a sweet message about brotherhood.

Paul Rudd is Peter Klaven, who just proposed to his girlfriend, Zooey (Rashida Jones), after 8 months of dating. It’s very romantic and she excitedly answers yes and tells her best friends, Denise (Jaime Pressly) and Hailey, the good news. It was a funny moment since Peter and Zooey put the conversations on speaker mode and Zooey’s friends happen to be talking about the first time Peter went down on her.

Plans for the wedding were all fine and dandy until Peter was eavesdropping on Zooey’s all-girl get-together. She tells the girls that Peter doesn’t have any friends, and that his best friend is his mom. This poses a problem for the wedding because he doesn’t have any guy friends to be his groomsmen.

And that is the premise of the story. Peter tries to make friends with other dudes to become his best man. He tries all sorts of ways to hang out with guys including trying to bond with Denise’s husband, Barry (Jon Favreau), and his friends. An innocent game of boot race ends with Barry covered with vomit by Peter (Not so good if you’re trying to make friends). Peter’s other attempts were going on a blind date that ended with an awkward kiss, and using Friend Finder only to find out the guy he’s meeting is an old man.

It wasn’t until Peter had an open house for Lou Ferrigno that he meets Sydney, an unkempt dude who likes to go to open houses to meet divorced women. He’s hot-headed and likes to stir trouble but his honest and direct nature intrigues Peter.

I Love You, Man is another homerun comedy for Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Even though they’re essentially playing the same characters in most of their movies, their style of comedy and the heart-warming message about male bonding always makes me gitty like a schoolgirl. So guys, make it a mission to call your bros and setup a man-date to watch this bromantic movie pronto!

Grade: A

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