Movie Review: Milk

milk Movie Review: Milk

This film surprised me. I knew that Sean Penn’s acting was going to be good, it always is. But, as far as the film goes, I thought it was going to be a bit boring. Most critically acclaimed films are boring to me. The character developments are painfully long. Call me shallow, but I can’t stand films that are too long. Well, Milk isn’t one of those movies. It didn’t feel long because the editing, along with the great acting all across the board, entertained me throughout the length of the movie.

milk1 Movie Review: Milk
The real Harvey Milk

Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk, an openly gay politician that ran for office in San Francisco. Who would have thought that San Francisco wasn’t always friendly to the gay community. The police hated them, and the politicians stayed away from them. But, Harvey Milk and his friends changed that. This film isn’t  just about gay rights, it’s also about human rights. Also, I found it amusing that Orange County was mentioned in this film a couple of times, not in good light.

It’s hard not to judge this film without bias based on one’s political views. But, I urge you to watch this film regardless if you are for or against gay rights. Judge it as a film. This is a well made film, from the directing to the acting, to the cinematography, and it deserves its audience.

Grade: A

pixel Movie Review: Milk

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