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I must admit, after watching the preview for this movie, my mind was thinking, “Not this journey to find the girl and get laid crap again.” The truth is I enjoy these types of movies (Hey, most of us are on that journey). From Superbad, Eurotrip to American Pie, these horny characters are likeable, even when they act like little girls. And yes, it’s the same for Miss March.

These story arcs are pretty simple. Here’s a formula to break it down for you guys.

Guy is happy with girl.
Guy loses girl.
Guy tries to find girl as hilarity ensues.
Guy finds girl.
Guy and girl lives happily ever after.

In the movie, you have two best buds. Eugene (Zach Cregger – Director/Writer/Actor) is the conservative type who’s afraid to have sex and Tucker Cleigh (Trevor Moore Director/Writer/Actor) is the “out there” type and wants to have sex with as many girls as he possibly can. It is prom night, Eugene is drunk and finally decides he wants to have sex with his girlfriend (Raquel Alessi), who’s waiting for him upstairs at a party, but he ends up falling in the basement. A cabinet falls on him and he ends up in a coma for 4 years, until Tucker wakes him up by hitting him with a baseball bat. When the both of them find out Eugene’s girlfriend, Cindi Whitehall, is Miss March on Playboy, they decide to go on a road trip to find her at the Playboy mansion.

It’s the journey that cracks me up. The thing that gets the ball rolling is when Tucker accidentally stabs his girlfriend, and she calls on her fireman brother and his goons to hunt the two guys down. Eugene, just getting out of the hospital, is still having trouble with his body and bowel movements and Tucker is always getting into trouble and making things worse for both of them.

You just can’t beat the bus scene when Tucker is getting ready to do it with one of Horsedick.MPEG’s girls. She’s getting all fired up until the bus hits a bump and flings her right out the window from the bed she was just kneeling on.

This movie is a lot of laughs with poop jokes, lesbians making out, missing male genitalia and Hugh Hefner’s tears. If raunchy comedies about friends looking for punani are your thing, then by all means, check out Miss March.

Grade: B

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