Movie Review: I Am Number Four

I am number four poster Movie Review: I Am Number Four

I am Number Four is a hodgepodge of a bunch of alien teenager movies and television series. It has strong shades of Smallville, Kyle XY, and John Carpenter’s Starman, although without Starman’s complexity and sensitivity. I Am Number Four has some decent casting and after a slow start, some roaring action and special effects. The screenplay was written by the creators of the hit CW series Smallville and I Am Number Four feels like an origin story very similiar to early seasons of the series as the young alien learns to harness his powers to fight a group of evil aliens named Mogadorians. The young alien John Smith (played by Brit Alex Pettyfer) even has a protector similiar to Clark Kent well played by Timothy Olyphant. The story is full of cliches (John even takes time out from running from evil aliens to find his first love and protect a geek from some smarmy bullies) but despite a lack of originality, it all works thanks to sincere performances and some kick-ass action scenes.

I Am Number Four is based on a series of popular novels for young adults and the potential for a franchise is there. The ending even sets up a sequel, but works as a standalone, if need be. Alex Pettyfer is acceptable but not very charismatic as John but Number Six (played by Teresa Palmer) kicks much ass and gives the movie a welcome dose of wit and leather. The villians look kind of generic (like Romulans from the new Star Trek movie) but their leader is played with a dose of gleeful sadism by Kevin Durand. Menacing some X Files conspiracy geeks, he is totally convincing as a preening sociopath. I Am Number Four is a satisfying mix of kick-ass action, romance, and sci fi nerdom to make it an easy movie to recommend.


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