Movie Review: Prometheus

prometheus Movie Review: Prometheus

After 4 crappy Alien mythology movies (Aliens 3 & 4, AVP 1 & 2), the facehugging franchise is back on track.  All it took was Ridley Scott to return and direct it again.  The man filmed the first Alien way back in the year 1979.  Best thing going for Prometheus is that it can be enjoyed as a stand alone flick.  I have a feeling that non Alien fans will enjoy it more than the hardcore crowd…. simply because of expectations.  It’s best to watch this movie as a horror sci-fi movie with a little bit of Space Jockey easter egg thrown in.

Just like any sci-fi movie, Prometheus is about a scientific team expediting a new planet.  They’re hoping to meet up with their Gods after several clues are left on Earth.  There’s the usual bickering of the crew, the love birds and the memorable android, David.  He’s played by Michael Fassbender.  David has the creepy serial killer vibe going but he was so lonely that I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him at the same time.  Damn you Fassbender for messing with my emotions!

prometheus movie images Movie Review: Prometheus

Even with the beautiful nature shots from the intro, Scott sets the tone that it will not be another Avatar with a happy ending.   Even with the bleak cinematography, there’s still enough hope from the characters that it kept me rooting for them to survive.  The movie is all about subtlety and buildup.  Instead of explaining everything, Prometheus makes the viewers figure out the story on there own.  There’s visual clues here and there that adds depth to the story.

Just in case you were wondering if characters die, yes they do. I won’t tell you who dies but I shrieked a couple of times because the death scenes were pretty brutal.

I have a minor complaint about the the ending.  It doesn’t ruin “Prometheus”  but it feels tacked on and cheesy.

So far, this is my favorite movie of 2012.

Oh yeah, try to watch it in IMAX 3D if you can.  Majority of the film was shot in native 3D and Scott actually built sets instead of CGI backgrounds to create real depth instead of fake ones.  This has the best 3D I’ve seen.  Everything feels natural.

Don’t wait to watch this at home…and run to your movie theater..but don’t let those pesky facehuggers get you!

Grade: A

PS:  The less you know about Prometheus the better the movie is going to be so I suggest avoiding spoilers.


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