Movie Review Remix: Iron Man 2

Iron Man 1 1 Movie Review Remix: Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 is both way too much and way too little at the same time. It’s overstuffed with cheesy villains and incident, while at the same time having a weak screenplay and some uneven acting. Robert Downey Jr basically saves the movie but the political stuff is forced and the satire complete with Gary Shandling as a nerdy senator is forced and lame, it’s almost enough to make me miss the right-wing Iron Man of the first flick who gunned down Arab terrorists for kicks.

The action scenes are also nothing to write home about and some of the new cast members fail to make a big impression. Sam Rockwell fares best as a smarmy and dweeby arms manufacturer, but a little of his act goes a long way. Rourke is certainly menacing to look at with his grimy hair, teeth and homoerotic torture whips (credit Magnus782), but he does little except glower and sneer. Scarlett Johansson looks great in spandex but she’s a blank as an actress. Her martial arts moves are about as convincing as the Charlie’s Angel’s chicks and poorly filmed by Jon Favreau. Don Cheadle is a fine actor, but saddled with an underwritten character, at one point he does something that makes absolutely no sense and makes him look extremely weak and confused. He’s not the War Machine comic book fanboys are looking forward to seeing.

Iron Man 2 takes an easily accessible comic book story arc (hero becomes egomaniac and has a big fall before regaining his former glory) and mucks it up with a saggy mid-section and ill-advised Daddy issues. At one point the movie stops altogether to become a big promo for the upcoming Avengers movie. The Dark Knight, Iron Man 2 is not. It’s not even Kick-Ass. There are pleasures to be found in Iron Man, and the first action scene set on a racetrack is pretty badass, but Iron Man is mostly sound and fury signifying nothing. Downey needs a better script and a better director next time a new Iron Man sequel rolls out. Iron Man 2 barely gets the job done and will soon be forgotten as the long, hot summer wears on. Bring on Thor !

Grade: C+

pixel Movie Review Remix: Iron Man 2

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