Movie Review: Thor

Thor1 Movie Review: Thor

Thor is the epic, expensive first blockbuster of the summer from Marvel Studios based on the popular comic book series. Thor is an engaging mix of campy laughs and cool, gaudy action sequences. The movie is well-paced, directed and acted with the real surprise being that the lead is quite good. Thor is played by the charismatic and juiced Chris Hemsworth with a goofy grin and a wide-eyed thirst for war and the movie is directed by none other than Kenneth Branagh, who knows better than to take all of this seriously.

Thor switches between scenes in Thor’s realm of Asgard (richly designed as a sort of neon-lit future world metropolis) and Earth. The scenes on Earth lack the visual grandeur of the Asgard scenes but there are quite a few amusing, fish out of water moments on Earth that helps make up for this. Thor is exiled to Earth by his father Odin (a hammy but effective Anthony Hopkins) after defying his father’s wishes and starting a war against a monstrous foe. Thor’s sinister brother Loki has Daddy issues and wants the throne all to himself. Thor is not perfect, it has a bit too much SHIELD subplot to set up The Avengers flick (though a cool cameo from a future Avenger almost saves it), but it is a rousing entertainment. Well-paced, loud, and full of engaging performances, Thor is a winner for Marvel and comic book movie fans eagerly awaiting that Avengers movie. Thor has just the right mix of amusing laughs and thrills and actor Chris Hemsworth has a great showcase to become a future star.

Grade: B+

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