Movie Review: The Town

The Town Movie Review: The Town

Ben Affleck’s new movie The Town is a tense, often terrific crime drama taking place on the mean streets of Boston in a tight-knit blue-collar community. Affleck plays the leader (more or less) of an elite team of bank and armed truck robbers whose latest robbery goes awry when a psychotic cohort kidnaps a bank worker, changing the course of all their lives forever. Affleck is on familiar turf here, but he seems to know the turf so well. The macho dialogue has the air of authenticity along with those thick Bohstonnn accents from Affleck and his fine supporting cast. Jeremy Renner basically steals the entire movie, making the most of his flashy role as a menacing psychopath. Renner plays Jimmy, a psychotic robber who seems to enjoy maiming and killing a little too much for his own good. Renner will probably be nominated for an Academy Award for his excellent work here.

Affleck’s solid lead performance along with good supporting work from Jon Hamm (TV’s Mad Men), who plays a determined FBI agent on the trail of Affleck and his crew, help the movie along through any rough patches. The movie is well-shot, with extremely effective action sequences and a tight script. The movie’s pace rarely slackens and although it feels a bit long, it’s never boring.

The Town was a strong number one at the box office last weekend, a surprise hit that proves Ben Affleck is a lot more talented than many of us have given him credit for. Adults want an adult movie, with good acting and solid storytelling and The Town is just the ticket. The Town is often riveting, and easily one of the best movies of the year so far.

Grade: A-

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