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watch ben stiller kc Movie Review: The Watch

I’m a big Ben Stiller fan so I was excited to watch this flick.  The Watch has 4 bored adults forming a neighborhood watch.  It consists of the boring and group leader Evan (Ben Stiller), wise-cracking Bob (Vince Vaughn), wannabe cop Jonah Hill (Franklin) and an awkward Brit, Richard Ayoade (Jamarcus). Together, they patrol the streets hoping to catch a killer in their uneventful town. What they think is a killer turns out to be an alien monster and their adventure ensues.

The movie is rated R so there’s dirty jokes, nudity, sci fi gore and plenty of thick blood in the beginning of the movie.  Vince Vaughn has been phoning it in ever since Wedding Crashers and his character still feels the same here.  Surprisingly, his scenes with Jonah Hill are probably the funniest.  They have good chemistry and their banters are fun.  Stiller also phones it in as the awkard and selfish head honcho.  Ayoade stands out from the rest of the cast because his character his well mannered and cheeky.

The story chugs along quickly and none of the scenes drag. I wish they took more time with several scenes, especially Jonah Hill and his house. But for one reason or another, the filmmakers decided to cut it out.  The movie has charm and enough subplot that it makes the characters likeable instead of annoying.

Overall, the movie is funny and it’s a new take on a cliche’d premise of buddy comedy movies.
Grade: B+

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