Music CD Review: Duffy, “Rockferry”

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Welsh singer Duffy’s debut CD Rockferry is easily one of the best CDs of the year so far. It’s soulful and catchy and should appeal to a wide variety of music fans. It’s clear-eyed genuine pop music at its best. Duffy’s voice will remind many of Amy Winehouse, but perhaps not as edgy or gritty as Ms Winehouse’s. There’s more of sweetness to Duffy’s vocals. The standout track is the hit “Mercy” which I first heard on Smallville and on VH1. It’s an instantly catchy, melodic treat, like much of the rest of the album.

Duffy’s album has some slower and quite lovely songs where her vocals really shine including the title track called “Rockferry” and the impressive “Warwick Avenue”. “Stepping Stone” is another standout on this CD. A lot of CDs picked by VH1 as “you outta know” breakout artists don’t amount to much, so I was skeptical about Duffy, even after hearing her catchy smash song Mercy. I’m happy to say that those worries were completely unfounded and Duffy’s album is tremendous.

Along with Robyn’s CD just out in the US, Duffy’s CD is easily one of the best of the year. Duffy’s Rockferry is worth the wait and I recommend it highly. It’s a pleasure for the ears and the soul and I plan on listening to it again and again. It’s that good.

Grade: A-

pixel Music CD Review:  Duffy, Rockferry

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