Music Review: Jersey Shore Soundtrack CD (MTV)

Jersey Shore Music Review: Jersey Shore Soundtrack CD (MTV)

The soundtrack to Jersey Shore is a bit of a mixed bag, but more often than not, it totally succeeds as a party CD, and that’s all it wants to be. Based on the popular MTV reality series, the Jersey Shore soundtrack is a continuous mix of 16 dance tracks featuring some extremely popular hip-hop/electronica artists. It’s the lesser-known (at least in the US) electronic stars who really shine.

Enrique Iglesias gets the party started with his cheese-whiz lead single “I LIke It”. Pitbull struggles to add edge to Enrique’s bland vocals, but the beat is sick and the song grows on you. Other highlights include a remix of the Taio Cruz/Ludacris smash “Break Your Heart”, Tiesto’s catchy “Come On”, and Richard Vission’s awesome “I Like That”. Also featured in Step Up 3D, it’s the best dance song around. DJ/superstar Oakenfold has a rare misstep on the CD with his song “Pump it Up”, a exercise in casual misogyny that doesn’t belong on the care-free, club disc. DJ Pauly D himself ends the disc on a high-note with his infectious “Beat Dat Beat”, an overlong but amusing bit of ego out of control.

Jersey Shore has plenty of hot hits, and only a few lame songs, it’s certainly worth a listen and should keep listeners moving all night long.

Grade: B+

pixel Music Review: Jersey Shore Soundtrack CD (MTV)

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