My Evening With Bruce Campbell

 160full My Evening With Bruce Campbell

I met Bruce Campbell last night and had a blast.  He was in town promoting his latest film called My Name is Bruce.  While the film was campy fun, it was Bruce himself that made for a totally memorable night.  It was a rainy and miserable night here in Philadelphia until the great Bruce Campbell showed up.  All 3 showings were pre-sold out and I was at the first one, the 7:45pm showing.  The movie theatre holds around 150 people and every seat was filled.

Bruce came down the aisle mic in hand and introduced the film.  After the film was over he hosted a HILARIOUS Q and A session with his rabid Emo fanbase.  The Q and A lasted about 20 minutes and he got a lot of fun questions.  He sneered and ripped Spidey 3 several times (to huge applause).  He hates torture porn films (another round of applause) and he was generally a sarcastic, smarmy jerk…….in a fun way, of course.  He clearly loves his fans and enjoys making them part of his act.  He plugged USA’s hit series Burn Notice and sarcastically asked a girl in the audience why she watches it.  She replied because he was in it and he asked to meet her “later on”.

He talked Evil Dead 4 and asked which “jackass” wanted to ask about the film.  He said that the film was “at least 17 years away” because Sam Raimi just signed on to direct Spidey 4 and 5 back to back…..loud boos from the goths of darkness in the audience.  They love their Evil Dead and after Spider-man 3, who could blame them for not looking forward to more of the same.  Campbell also got a question about the TERRIFIC and much-missed series The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr, the Fox Network’s clever cult hit.  He was asked if the show was ever coming back (question got huge applause from the Ellen Page Juno liberal artsy hipsters in the crowd) , but he replied that the show had aged like “cheap hookers”.  He laughed at some kid who wants to make movies but has no money, and gave some dude a dollar for saying he loved My Name is Bruce.

The night ended with Bruce thanking us for supporting alternate cinema in between seeing “that Transformers shit”.  What a great guy and a great night.  My Name is Bruce may only be a B- worthy film, but the man himself is an A+ all the way.

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