Netflix Not Connecting To PS3 Easy Fix

netflix ps3 search Netflix Not Connecting To PS3 Easy Fix

On Sunday night, I was looking forward on watching  “Office” episodes on Netflix through the PS3 when I got an error.  When I clicked on the Netflix icon, the logo showed up but it kept on loading.  After several minutes, it gave me an error stating “it can’t connect to Netflix.”  Then the screen froze and I had to press “Start” so I can quit the software.  I tried it several more times and got the same result.  I thought Netflix had a server problem so I just watched some Blu-Ray’s instead.  Yesterday night, I tried it again and it was still the same result.  I googled the problem but couldn’t find a solution.  At 1 a.m., I called Netflix.  There customer service line is open 24 hours a day now.  I was on the phone for about 5 minutes before I got through to a live agent.  I told him my problem and this were the first steps we went through:

1)  Click on Netflix app

2)  Push “Start” and “Select” right away until a message asks “Do you want to reset the login information”

3)  Hit “Yes”

At this point it loaded for several minutes but gave me the error message.  I told the rep about and here’s the rest of the solution

4)  Turn off the PS3

5) Turn off your router (if you’re using one, if not skip to step 6)

6)   Turn off your modem

7) Restart both the router and modem after 15 seconds

8)  Once internet is back on, turn on the PS3

9)  Click on Netflix app and it will connect now to to their server

10)  Put in your account info

11)  Enjoy your streaming movies and shows

The rep told me that I had to reset my internet connection because my IP was being blocked by Netflix.  He didn’t know the reason why but his solution worked.  Yay, now I can watch more of the “Office”

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