Netflix Will Exclusively Stream

netflix2 Netflix Will Exclusively Stream

Oh my!  How the mighty Netflix has fallen.  It’s been obvious several years ago that they wanted their subscribers to stream instead of mailed movies.  Streaming in theory will give them more profit since they won’t need as manpower as filing and sending out movies.  Unfortunately for them, the transition hasn’t been smooth.  TV shows on stream are great because Netflix has a wide variety.  But if you’re a movie fan like me, that’s not enough to convert me to streaming.  I don’t want to wait several months to see it, I want to see it in…..a month (with WB and Universal releases) or less.  That’s why I got the service because of watching movies I want now instead of later.  Plus, I’ll never be satisfied with their streaming service because it doesn’t match the quality of blu-rays.  Sure they have HD movies but the bitrate isn’t as hig as blu-rays and that means less detail and crappier sound.

While Netflix will stream from now on, they created a new company called Qwikster which will have a DVD/Blu-Ray service and also include video games.  No prices has been announced for the monthly plans but I just hope they’re not going to hike it up again.  I’d still rather service through the mail rather than going out to Redbox and returning it the next day.  I like the convenience that I don’t have to return a movie the next day and can take my time watching it.

Reed Hastings said about his latest price hike which separated streaming and mail service “I messed up. I owe you an explanation.”  That’s right, he did mess up because he thought majority would transfer their service to streaming, yet majority opted for mail service and even worse, some just canceled their account altogether, which sent it’s stock down.

pixel Netflix Will Exclusively Stream

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