Netflix Joins iPhone

netflix iphone Netflix Joins iPhone

See how the app works below!

Damn, just when I was about to get Verizon’s Android Incredible, Netflix hits me with this mind bending news. What to do now?

Sneaky Apple guys allowed the release of the Netflix app after they got rid of the unlimited data plan. If you already had the unlimited plan beforehand, then you’ll be fine. But, for newcomers like me, it’d be hard not to go over the limit when watching my favorite Grey’s Anatomy episodes. Laugh all you want, it was a good show!

On a good note, reports are that the app will allow users to download through Wi-Fi and save the data into the phone for later viewing. Not as appealing as being able to watch anything instantly, but it’s an option. Could a Netflix app for the Android follow? I really hope so!

pixel Netflix Joins iPhone

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