Netflix Price Going Up – Redbox Anyone?

I’ve been a Netflix fan but I just can’t support their latest price increase.  Starting today (September for current members), they have a new price structure.  Pretty much what it comes down to is that it’ll be a $3- $5 increase if you get both streaming and movies delivered to your home.  They’ll also be charged separately with unlimited streaming at $7.99 and also $7.99 for 1 movie at a time.  The total would be $15.98.  Before this it was only $9.99 for both services. 

Right now I have the 2 movies unlimited + blu-ray (extra $3 per month) and I pay $20.98.  With the new price hike, I’ll be paying $23.98.  I don’t appreciate the $3 increase.  They should have increased it by a $1 or so but the amount is too much.  Especially when they raised the plan several months ago because they added “free” streaming service.  I actually enjoy the streaming service because I like watching tv shows.  So I might just cancel my home delivery and just pay $7.99 for streaming.  Then use Redbox to rent Blu-Rays at $1.50 a pop.  I’ll probably come out ahead.  Netflix has made it clear before that they think streaming movies/shows is the future and it seems like they’re pushing for their deliveries to be phased out.

 Source: Netflix

pixel Netflix Price Going Up   Redbox Anyone?

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