New Star Wars Trilogy In The Works

 star wars picture New Star Wars Trilogy In The Works

The prequel trilogy sucked but George Lucas made so much money off the movies that he’s planning to do another installment in the Star Wars universe.  The speculation is that it won’t have the Skywalkers involved but instead focus on new Star Wars characters.  I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’ll be in 3-D!  Besides the new trilogy being planned, Lucas is planning to a make live action tv show, re-release the prequels in 3-D and then have a blu-ray release. 

We all know Lucas made the prequels to attract the kids just in case their nerdy parents stop collecting Star Wars.  Guess what? It worked in the business sense.  Whenever I go to Target, I see a bunch of Star Wars shirts for kids and there’s always new waves of toys.  Lucas is a great businessman but I’ve lost hope with his film creativity.  The last Indiana Jones he wrote was crap and it really shows that he doesn’t care about his properties anymore, he just wants to make money.

pixel New Star Wars Trilogy In The Works

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