New Xbox 360 Dashboard

new%20xbox%20dashboard New Xbox 360 Dashboard

The new Xbox 360 dashboard came out yesterday and it sucks. The only cool part is the free Netflix movies on HD.

Microsoft has unveiled its XNE (New Xbox Experience).  I’m hating the XNE because it’s harder for me to navigate than the original dashboard.  If I want to watch my Dark Knight trailer,  it takes me about 15 seconds to find it.  First I have to click on “video marketplace”.  Then go to a different folder called “Downloaded Content”, then go to another folder called “All Files”.  The old dashboard had an easier interface and I could play the trailer within 5 seconds.  It’s a chore finding your downloaded files.

It also seems like the new dashboard has more advertising, featured as “spotlights”.  I don’t need to click on spotlights and then get asked to pay for the video or download. I pay $60 for Xbox Live every year and they’re still trying to make more money off me.  PS3’s online service is free and the ads aren’t as annoying.

I also didn’t like the fact that Microsoft tried to copy WII’s character design for their “avatar”.  You have a choice of cartoony characters.  And of course, you can customize it to look like you by changing the facial features, clothing, etc.

One feature that I liked was the Netflix movies.  If you have Netflix, you can access free HD movies, such as Pan’s Labyrinth and my favorite documentary, King of Kong.  I didn’t have patience to try and download a movie but now I’m wondering how often the movie will stutter if it’s streaming or how long it’ll take if the whole movie needs to be downloaded.

XNE is a disappointing upgrade. I expected easier navigation for the new dashboard and all I got was a worse interface (never had problem with the first) and some crappy ads disguised as cool features.  I’ll give it more time but for now, this is one shitty upgrade.

pixel New Xbox 360 Dashboard

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