Nicolas Cage And Crew Discuss Sorcerer’s Apprentice At WonderCon

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The newly blonde Nicolas Cage (Con Air, Ghost Rider) and the cast and crew of Sorcerer’s Apprentice was at WonderCon talking about the upcoming summer blockbuster.  The live action movie is based on a musical sequence from the Walt Disney animation classic, Fantasia.  Cage said he took the lead role because it’s a “movie that adults will enjoy as much as the kids.”  Another reason was his love for Walt Disney, “I’m honored I work with the  Disney studio.  I like to call him Uncle Walt.  It’s a dream come true working for a studio I looked up to.”

During the interview, Cage had a really deep voice because he got laryngitis.  It didn’t stop him from talking and explained his love for acting, “I came from the Lon Chaney Senior acting school, I’ll wear wigs, use make up, wear contact lens and that is what makes characters fun.”  Asked about his blonde hair, he replied “I have the blonde hair because of the movie I’m shooting right now, Drive Angry.”  I’m trying to get to my Celtic roots.”  When asked about making a Ghost Rider sequel, he responded right away “We’re going to re-evaluate it but I really liked Ghost Rider and Mark Steven Johnson (Director) did a great job with it.  I want you to put that on an article somewhere, Mark executed it well.”

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From left to right: Teresa Palmer, Jay Baruchel and Nicolas Cage

In the movie, Cage is a master Sorcerer who must pass the torch to a new and young sorcerer, played by Jay Baruchel ((Tropic Thunder, Fan Boys). Baruchel explained his working relationship with the academy award winner Cage, “I must have been around 15 when I snuck into the theatre and watched Con Air.  He’s one of the greatest actors of our time.”  Baruchel said he enjoyed “talking nerdy stuff to Cage.”  Baruchel also talked about a scene in the movie that Fantasia fans will recognize right away, “I think it was pulled off perfectly, once you see it, you will be amazed.”

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Baruchel’s love interest will be played by Teresa Palmer (Grudge 2), the 24 year old Australian .  She said as much as she loves magic, she’s always a skeptic, “There’s a part of me that wants to believe it but another part of me that’s always asking how it’s done.”  Asked about the role, she said it was a “fun experience working with Cage, an actor she looked up to.”

The director of Sorcerer’s Apprentice, John Turteltaub (The Kid, Cool Runnings) , said he likes to work with Nicolas Cage: “He’ll make suggestions to make a scene better.  I like his creativity and as a a director you can’t ask for more.”  Turteltaub also worked with Cage in the National Treasure movies.

The mega producer of Hollywood, Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun, The Rock) is producing the film.  He has worked with Turteltaub and Cage before and he likes working with them,  “They’re a fun crew to be with but at the same time they really care about the characters.  For me, everything starts with the characters.”  When asked about 3-D movies, Bruckheimer responded “It’s a technology that is finally working right and I look forward to seeing more 3-D movies. I welcome it.”

Sorcerer’s Apprentice will be released July 16, 2010.

You can see the trailer here:

0 Nicolas Cage And Crew Discuss Sorcerers Apprentice At WonderCon
pixel Nicolas Cage And Crew Discuss Sorcerers Apprentice At WonderCon

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