Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation-DVD Review!

NTTNM1 737x1024 Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation DVD Review!

Coming soon to DVD is Volume One of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. Featuring 13 episodes of the live action series on two disks and brought to you by SHOUT Factory.

Ninja Turtles is a very weird show; made by Saban who brought us Power Rangers. I’d go on to say that it’s cheesy and such, but I think that is obvious just by the DVD box art.

Ninja Turtles is filmed in Canada and features a vast selection of Canadian voice actors who are in the cast of many cartoons and the voices are very recognizable. The characters–in the usual rubber costumes, are played by separate actors from the voices. The actor inside the suit is either a puppeteer or a stunt player. A character may even be just a puppet in the case of Wick a small dragon (who is probably the funniest character in the show).

Ninja Turtles takes place in their later teen years where Shredder is about to be defeated and a new villain appears whose sole intent is to be mutated into a Devine Dragon. There is no April O’Neil which I find very odd for the Ninja Turtles, but the female lead is replaced by a fifth mutant turtle called Venus De Milo who comes from China and joins Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo in their quest for a possible normal life and of course the fight against evil.

After watching all 13 episodes, I’ve come to the conclusion that I needed to look at Ninja Turtles as a comedy aimed at children—which was the shows intent. I have to say that my negative pre-judgment was foolish and I really liked the show. First, the actors; voice or other, were just great! I think the character Bonesteel, a hunter of rare animals was one of my favorites. Bonesteel was played by Scott McNeil whom performed many voices over the years–why he didn’t do more live-action is beyond me because he is a great comedic actor. Over the top and just a riot to watch, the best line of Bonesteel after being told that Animals have rights too was: “The only rights an animal has is the right to shut-up and get shot!!!!” I fell over laughing at that line because it was performed so well with wild eyes and actions that it was just classic!

Wick, the little dragon hench-puppet is voiced by Lee Tockar, a Canadian voice actor who plays Bling, Bling Boy in the cartoon Johnny Test, and many other rolls. Wick is thrown around and beaten up Muppet style throughout the show and his need to eat people or the Turtles is just hilarious with every different joke. Wick is a great character who adds to the fun of the show.

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation has no extras, but features a beautiful picture, the video is almost as clear as a Blu-Ray and the sound is decent, sometimes it appears that the techno score and sound effects are louder than the voice track, but other than that, its fine.
The dubbing (needed because the characters are separate people) is perfect most of the time, however, sometimes there are scenes which, even though filmed at a distance are not articulated, (the voice speaks, but the mouth doesn’t move).
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation is a decent show if you give it a chance, its the kind of show that you can just “veg” out to and enjoy a good laugh. With enjoyable characters and acting that is better than you’d think, Ninja Turtles is pretty good for either fans of anything Turtles, or those who grew up watching this show in the late 90’s.

…And for those who are worried that it’s just another Power Rangers, one of the Turtles said it best; “We’re Ninja’s, not Power Rangers!”


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