New Nintendo Console Coming Soon

new console2 New Nintendo Console Coming Soon
Nintendo legend, Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Zelda) has confirmed the new Nintendo system is in its final stages.  IGN has confirmed it can be ready for launch as early as October, Miyamoto hasn’t confirmed the date but told the reporters at a press conference to be “patient.”

The new system will be in 1080p HD, as well as 3D compatible.  It’s supposedly more powerful than the PS3 and the size of the original Xbox 360. 

I’m really excited about this news.  I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the original Mario came out fo the NES.  Imagine playing Mario and Zelda with better graphics with the trademark Nintendo awesome gameplay.  More than likely, this will be a  launch purchase for me.

Source: Game Informer

pixel New Nintendo Console Coming Soon

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