No Barbies In This Girl’s Collection!

Ok first off, my name is Lydia and I am a woman. I am without a doubt a collector. I always have been, just always something different. If it wasn’t Star Trek: The next Generation action figures, it was Deep Space Nine trading cards, or X-Men trading cards, or X-Men comic books, or Magic The Gathering trading cards, or Ty Beanie Babies, or knives and daggers, or DVD’s, or McFarlane figures and tattoos and many more!

I guess it started when I was younger. I did of course get Barbies when I was younger. I actually remember having quite a few at one point. Then at some point, I started getting rid of the Barbies and destroying them and ya know the normal stuff you all probably would have loved or did do to barbies! 🙂

I am most definitely a Tom Boy and always have been! I also have always been a nerd and well proud of it! I was a Trekkie all the way! Attending all the Star Trek conventions that were held in my area, met and got autographs from just about all the Star Trek cast…from most of the different shows! I even participated in look alike contests for kids and won 1st place 4 times in a row! Yeah I’m a dork for sure!

Well so that lead to the Star Trek action figures that I collection. I remember having boxes and boxes full, some were never opened that were signed…and some I kept out to play with. Not really sure where they all went by now…but sad I no longer have them.

When I was in junior high school I started collecting different trading card sets like a few of the X-Men, Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, Magic The Gathering, and some other random trading cards.

It was probably the hardest hobbies to have when I was in High school, I was different and no one liked that. It makes me sad that just because I enjoyed some things that are considered to be normal for men to like, that I am looked at as different and strange. I think it should not matter what gender a person is or what they like.

Now at the age of 23 years old, I am still collecting! I have realized that it makes me happy so I am going to do it! I am unique and special 🙂 I now have a growing collection of McFarlane action figures. I first got interested in the McFarlane figures because I found the McFarlane’s Femmes Fatales- Boxed set. I had never seen any of the figures but of course new of McFarlane and was a huge fan of Spawn. I boughg the boxed set and was just amazed and the 3 female action figures that it included. They are now some of my favorites.

Then from there I was hooked! I went to the web site and started looking through all of them and found the dragons, which I am a huge lover of dragons! They have taken over most of my living room at this point! I am still somewhat new to collecting the figures, but am already on my way to a big collection!

It still can be hard and frustrating maybe more so because I AM older and I am still collecting. I have moved on to something more permanent now, my tattoos. I once said I would never get a tattoo, and then I ended up with a big ugly battle wound AKA scar on my leg and just figured why not! I am definitely a tattoo collector in a way now. I love that I have permanent pieces of artwork on my back and arms that is unique to me.

Well I love the action figures and am definitly going to continue my collection! I guess I have just always been different, and maybe its just that I am so open to everything and try not to judge. In the end I also hope that more women become interested and open to these types of hobbies and interests.

Here are some pics of my collection! Enjoy!

collection 012 No Barbies In This Girls Collection!

weird 020.thumbnail No Barbies In This Girls Collection!

pixel No Barbies In This Girls Collection!

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