Observations of Wizard World Philly

WWPhilly Observations of Wizard World Philly

Paladin here, I got to make many rounds throughout the convention room in an attempt to get either pictures, find the best price on a toy or find something, anything that may be of interest.

Victoria Observations of Wizard World Philly

Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria/Tara)

The stars I remember best from a distance were Lisa Marie Varon who played Victoria the wrestler in WWE. She was smiling and it wasn’t some made up grin it was genuine and that is memorable.
Virgina Hey was right next to Vernon Wells and she looked to be pretty cool.
I don’t have to mention Vernon Wells again, but I will–the coolest!

I had passed some of the older wrestlers such as Virgil (shorter than I expected), Bushwacker Luke (older and tired looking, but that is expected), Raven (I ducked a picture he started to take of people in the aisle–don’t block the aisles!) {Looked ok, seemed “normal”). The Smoke seemed jovial and to be blunt, I don’t think anyone should be down when the people who want to meet them are there.

I got to see Julie Newmar, but it was at a distance where a million people were in front of her booth. I had requested an interview with her but the “press guy” never got back to me. The stories about Adam West that show him in a negative way are disappointing, I caught a glimpse, but there were just too many people.

As for autograph costs, some were the average $20 and others were over the top! Some were low and reasonable though and it’s very surprising. See below:

Linda Blair – $25, Avery Brooks – $30
Jake Busey – $25
Bushwacker Luke – $20
Bruce Campbell – $25, Bobby Clark – $20
Adrianne Curry – $20
John deLancie – $25
Keegan deLancie – $15
Ted DiBiase – $20
Brandon DiCamillo – $20
Lilian Garcia – $25, Linda Hamilton – $40
Virginia Hey – $30, Ernie Hudson – $25
The Iron Sheik – $20
Christopher Knight – $20
Walter Koenig – $20-$25
Clare Kramer – $20, Josie Lee – $5
Cirroc Lofton – $20, Suzi Lorraine – $10
James Marsters – $40
James Morgart – $7
Raven – $25, The Smoke – $10/$15
Brent Spiner – $30
Patrick Stewart – $60
Tara (Victoria) – $25
Paris Themmen – $20
Larry Thomas (Soup Nazi) – $20
Val Venis – $20, Virgil – $20
Nikolai Volkoff – $20, Max Wasa – $20

…there are a few on this list that should pay their fans for their autograph!

I took a walk up artist’s alley and met a guy who painted on the back of old skateboards, he was a great artist and I would have picked one up, but my budget wouldn’t allow it (I do have bills to pay!)
Other artists had great prints or fresh paper with many characters that you would instantly recognize. The cost however, was my spending budget, cool though.

One of my favorite things was seeing the famous Hollywood cars such as the 60’s Batmobile and the Time Machine from Back To The Future, pretty cool.

Spiner Observations of Wizard World Philly

Brent Spiner AKA "Mr." Data.

All in all, those who I did get to see speak such as Brent Spiner, John de Lancie and James Marsters seemed like good people who in one form or other appreciated their fans. Each of them at least put on a show. Marsters was sitting on the table which was very funny and Spiner walked around the stage and answered some pretty lousy questions, most in a comical fashion. I wanted to ask him about working with LaVar Burton but I wasn’t quick enough.

A good group, I just wish the amount of people attending was less, if just to get some pictures…

pixel Observations of Wizard World Philly

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