Occupy Moves to Shut Down Oakland

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It was reported recently on Nerdsociety that the hacker group Anonymous was organizing a protest on Wall Street.  At first, all of the news channels were blacked out on the protest in an attempt to keep the movement from gaining momentum.  But their efforts were in vain because, let’s be real, only old people get their news from TV anymore.  Once the news channels did decide to start reporting on it, and as the Occupy movement caught fire across the country, they attempted to downgrade the participants  by repeating this mantra that the 99% (as they have now come to call themselves), don’t really know what they want when nothing could be further from the truth.  The fact is that people are fed up with a government who has done nothing but line their own pockets while the rest of Americans suffer in this broken economy.  The people want a government that is not controlled by corporations.  They want to be able to feed their families.  It’s as simple as that. 

 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have seen news reports of how the Occupy movement and support for it has popped up in citites throughout the world.  The Occupy Vegas movement was just given a plot of land to use as their home base for the next month.  Good luck finding a news story on TV which actually talks about this, though.  In fact, Occupy Vegas marched on the recent Republican debate which was held just off the Strip yet news anchors had virtually nothing to say about it. 

The latest news coming out of Oakland shows how desperate the power block has become in efforts to quell the dissenters and are now using lethal force (disguised as non-lethal) to suppress protesters.  One marine was hit in the head with a tear-gas cannister and is now in a medically induced coma while doctors decide whether he needs brain surgery.  This video shows an Oakland policeman casually lobbing a tear-gas cannister into a crowd of protesters who are rushing to help him.

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In protest of this latest and most devastating turn of events, Occupy Oakland is calling for a complete shutdown of the city on November 2nd.  For more information, check out the Anonymous Facebook page.

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