October DVD Picks

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Fall is looming large, time for cooler weather and brooding to some awesome DVDs.  It’s kind of a slow month for blockbusters…..mostly its a time to upgrade your old DVDs, or just pick up some that you never owned in the first place.  Here’s an early week by week rundown of the best DVDs coming out in October:

October 7th

Beetlejuice: 20th Anniversary Edition:  Despite my feelings about recent Timmy Burton films, I really liked Beetlejuice and I’m glad its getting a new edition.

Boy A:  This disturbing looking indie from the UK came and went quickly through theatres, so I’m glad I get the chance to catch up with it on DVD.

Lexx Season One:  This set of the original Lexx films (which became a terrific series) is a must-see for fans of the quirky cult sci fi hit.

October 14th

Chaplin:  New edition of Chaplin released to DVD, probably to capitalize on Roberty Downey, Jr.’s rise to stardom after the megahit Iron Man.  A very good film and a tremendous Oscar-worthy performance from Downey.

New World: Extended Cut:  I’m interested to see Malick’s original version of The New World, though I’m glad he edited it down for theatrical release.  I saw it in the theatre and loved it the way it was, it was paced perfectly and I’m afraid more nature shots will slow things down to a crawl.

Indiana Jones and The Space Between Spaces:  It’s worth a look because its an Indy film, and that’s the best I can say for it….oh, and Harrison Ford was good.

October 21st

Casino Royale: 3 Disc Set:  The best Bond (and Bond film) in decades gets a 3 disc collector’s set just in time for the sequel.  Daniel Craig simply owns as James Bond and the action scenes and stuntwork are thrilling.

Knight Rider: The Complete Series:  Very cool looking packaging of the entire series of the 80s classic tv show starring The Hoff and a talking car.  Just in time for NBC’s big revamp of the series.  The packaging is badass and includes a KITT voice chip activated by a button, a fine set to display on your mantle.

The Strangers:  The trailers looked creepy enough that I’ll overlook the fact that this film is little more than an American ripoff of the french horror film called Ills (Them).

October 28th

Paradise Lost 1 and 2: Box set:  Amazing documentary films about teens convicted of a brutal murder seemingly only due to them wearing Black and listening to goth metal music.   A damning look at how ignorance and small-mindedness can ruin lives.

Zombie Strippers:  You guessed it….I put it on my DVD pick list just because the title rules. 

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