Open Letter to NBC: Please Cancel Heroes

heroes Open Letter to NBC: Please Cancel Heroes
Last night’s episode of the formerly excellent series Heroes was so inept, dreary, slow and inane that I almost decided to turn on Gossip Girl in its place. At least that show KNOWS how ridiculous it is and I’d get to see Chuck Bass sneer and sleep with lots of girls. Lets face it, Heroes hasn’t been good since season 1. Season 2 was a debacle and this season wasn’t much better. I used to hold out hope that the show could be saved but last night’s season finale was just about unwatchable. I have come up with a short list of major problems with the show.

Major Problems with the series:

1. No fight scenes – Last night had a chance for at least one good fight scene but we didn’t even get to see it. Where does the 4 million dollar an episode budget go to? I’m guessing bloated salaries for the whale-saving diva and the rest of the cast and crew.

2. Awful CGI- What little CGI on the show has gotten so bad you actually start giggling. The flying scenes are terrible, Smallville’s are much better, and done for around half the budget of a typical episode of Heroes.

3. Too much Sylar – The once-cool boogeyman Sylar is in every other scene these days. Zachary Quinto merely sneers and hams it up, I wonder if he’s started to get as bored as viewers are with his characters.

4. No one actually dies – How about killing off some of the dead weight Mr Kring?

5. Pacing issues – The storytelling is bland and the pacing is so slow the show must believe it’s an indie film or something. There’s no pow or pizazz for this once great show.

This frustrated viewer says it all after hi post “wow, what a weak season finale.”

“Build up for a fight and all they do is shut the door!!! Nathan dies and now Sylar is Nathan? And will they ever get rid of the Nikki character enough already. I guess she will be the new major villian in the next season.”

I am calling on NBC to cancel Heroes. I’ve decided to stop watching and I need others to join me.’s open letter/petition to Heroes has begun.

Who will join us ??????????

pixel Open Letter to NBC: Please Cancel Heroes

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