Out of Bounds ~ A short animated film

Catastrophe, it is in the eye of the beholder.  Prevention is the key, I use the term prevention, loosely.  The key that may lock our doorway to any outside world other than our own.  This door can lead to much misconception.  Which inevitably, brings one to the endless circle of things I have previously discussed and brought to point in my last few reviews.  However we see ourselves, living these messy, complicated and obsessed lives, our frail attempts at controlling them.  We figure out that our safety and securities are often displayed thru a fish bowl for the world to see.  Could it be that this group that embraces these views includes a very short list, limited to myself?  Yikes!  Yet, another self-awareness brought to life thru film.  In either case, as you enjoy this animated short film, Out Of Bounds by Viktoria Piechowitz.  As positive and uplifting your life may be, there are those of us still out there tumbling thru the catastrophe of that, which is the grassy maze of life.  Trying to figure and conquer it all.  Thank you to those have powered thru the few alternative reviews I have posted.  We could all use a little depth at times, even when it’s served thru the hidden laughter of animation.  I often realize more about myself at the end of the film, than I bargained for.


0 Out of Bounds ~ A short animated film
pixel Out of Bounds ~ A short animated film

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