Crappy Lighting and Ghosts?

Crappy Lighting and Ghosts?

So I went to Huntington Library yesterday in San Marino to test out the new camera. Got there around 12:30 p.m. and of course, the sun was already fully out. When the sun is on top of everything and you’re shooting on manual, you’re screwed to hell. You’re either going to way under exposed or way over exposed shots. There’s no two ways around it. If you try to get a good perfectly exposed shot, you’ll end up with boring ass lighting that has no dramatic effect. So it’s a lose lose situation, unless you’re a big fan of silhouettes (I …

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The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer

The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer

batmannewsuit The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer

This coming Friday, “The Simpsons: The Movie” will be out and select prints will contain the teaser trailer for the next Batman movie called “The Dark Knight.”  Check out it out here.

::Edit::  Awww shit, Warner Bros. removed it.  All I’ll say is that the Batman Begins logo appears and starts to deteriorate.  You can hear the Joker talking and in the end hear his maniacal laugh.  That doesn’t sound like the Heath Ledger I know.  I mean that in a good way.

Since the link isn’t available, here’s a link to Batman and Joker doing what they do best……Surf!!!!!!!


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Transformers: Their 3D Profile

Transformers: Their 3D Profile

So as most would know, the models for all autobots were modeled in Maya, textured using Photoshop and Zeno, followed by ILM’s proprietary software (with a bit of Maya) to create some kickass SFX/VFX scenes. This info was taken from Computer Graphics world, a pretty spiffy magazine dedicated to VFX and 3D animation. Anyway, here are the stats for some of the bots:

Parts: 2411
Polygons: 433,949
Rig Nodes: 8924
Texture Maps: 1437
Volume of all parts: 10,325 cubic ft.

Optimus Prime
Parts: 10,108
Polygons: 1,830,898
Texture Maps: 2336
Volume of all parts: 5445 cubic ft.

Parts: 7608
Polygons: …

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More Than Meets the Gift Card?

More Than Meets the Gift Card?

Damn that Michael Bay.  Now I’m on a Transformers high.  I’ve bought like around 300 bucks on Transformers merchandise.  God I’m such a slave.  Oh let’s see what I bought:

Transformers Movie Figures: Barricade, Blackout, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz, Megatron, Rachet and Starscream.

barricade More Than Meets the Gift Card?blackout More Than Meets the Gift Card?

bumblebee More Than Meets the Gift Card?ironhide More Than Meets the Gift Card?

jazz More Than Meets the Gift Card?megatron More Than Meets the Gift Card?

rachet More Than Meets the Gift Card?starscream More Than Meets the Gift Card?

The only thing I need left is Optimus Prime, but the fucker is sold out everywhere.  Might buy it online, or my friend might help “purchase” it somewhere.

prime More Than Meets the Gift Card?

And the rest of the stuff I bought is the 20th anniversary Prime

prime20th More Than Meets the Gift Card?

And the Revoltech Figures that includes Megatron and Optimus Prime

megatron revoltech More Than Meets the Gift Card?prime revoltech More Than Meets the Gift Card?

There are two other figures I want to …

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Order Phoenix Poster Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

So I lowered my expectations for the Harry Potter movie that pretty much ALL I was requiring of it was that it be a cogent film that a moderately intelligent person could follow without needing to fill in information themselves from the book.

The biggest problems I will mention right away:

1. flying through London in plain sight (right after Harry is zinged for doing magic in front of a muggle?)
2. Bellatrix actually uses the KILLING CURSE on Sirius
3. no Slytherin locket + why add Kreacher if you aren’t going to USE him?
4. that whole….Cho thing (non-romance + …

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Transformers: Megatron and Starscream

Transformers: Megatron and Starscream

tfbay6thumbnail Transformers: Megatron and Starscream

Warning, this has a major spoiler. So if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As fans of the show knows, Starscream wants to be the Decepticons’ leader. He always tries to overthrow Megatron, only to get his ass kicked repeatedly. Here’s a clip from youtube:

Starscream overthrowing Megatron

Now when you watch the live action movie, you don’t really see this angle. There’s a hint of it when Megatron talks down on Starscream but that’s it. Or is it?

Before Megatron gets killed in the movie, he gets hit by missiles. The missiles looked like it …

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50 Films To See Before You Die

50 Films To See Before You Die

51CDF02N7PL. SS500  50 Films To See Before You Die

50 Films To See Before You Die

Here’s an off the top of my head list of 50 Films to see before you die. Enjoy:

1. Nowhere

2. Mysterious Skin

3. Donnie Darko

4. Fargo

5. Blue Velvet

6. Batman Begins

7. Highlander

8. Equilibrium

9. Trainspotting

10. Oldboy

11. Spider-man 2

12. Ghost in the Shell

13. Blade Runner

14. The Killer

15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

16. The Matrix

17. Heavenly Creatures

18. The Empire Strikes Back

19. Napoleon Dynamite

20. The Karate Kid

21. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (not the ghastly Depp remake)

22. …

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PS3 Worth $499?

PS3 Worth $499?

ps3 PS3 Worth $499?

I was going to write this article last week when news surfaced the PS3 was getting a $100 price drop. But I decided to wait after Sony’s press conference at E3 to give them a fair chance. After the overhyped release, it was obvious that consumers were not willing to pay $599 for a console that doubled as an entertainment center. Sony has tried attracting potential buyers by including 5 free Blu Rays and a price drop. With all the deals Sony is offering, is it worth getting it today. Here are the factors that will help me decide:

PS3 …

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300 Coming to DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray

300 Coming to DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray

300 dvd artwork 300 Coming to DVD, HD DVD, and Blu ray

So I was skimming through this months EGM magazine today and noticed a 300 DVD ad.  Since it was produced by Warner Bros. I assumed it would be just for DVD and HD-DVD.  Then I looked at it more carefully and noticed it’s also coming for Blu-ray?  When the hell did this happen?  Because orginally, WB was exclusive for HD-DVD.  So I dug up some info and found out that WB announced that they’re doing both platforms since 2005.  Where the fuck was I?Â

One thing for sure, this is good for the consumers.  Competition’s always good.  It makes two rival …

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Film Review:  Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Film Review: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

fantastic1 Film Review:  Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Silver….it’s the new black

The sequel to the Fantastic Four featuring the Silver Surfer was out earlier in the summer and I meant to review it back then.  It’s a mildly entertaining, passable summer entertainment.  I enjoyed it for what it was; a big, dumb and loud spectacle.  It’s better than the first film, but then again, so is an enema.  The cast is lead by charisma-free non-actor Ioan Gruffudd.  I understand he’s quite good in the period film Amazing Grace, but I’m not here to review that film.  Jessica Alba looks good but can’t act, and Chris Evans is having …

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