Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

The following is RATED M for MATURE; maybe even NC-17; Reader MATURITY is Advised!!!

The following is NOT a review. The following is a fun pictorial that will make you laugh, make you cry, leave you disturbed or offended—but I just can’t help myself! Why? When you spend hours looking at the small screen of a Play Station Vita with an HD picture, living though a lot of talking and enjoying yourself to the fullest in a game that fully rivals or exceeds Final Fantasy in the Role Playing genre, you just have to share it with others—except, it’ll be MY point of view.

So, enjoy…

All right, first, to offend, the above Hot Springs scene where the other girls are jealous of Naoto (who dresses like a boy) having the largest breasts and soft skin makes for a great beginning, for all of you out there who jump to conclusions, the little girl (Nanako) has a towel wrapped around her, so if you think its child porn fuck off!

Man…so much work! You start out as a dim-wit with no personality and throughout the game you have to raise your status or you can’t do a lot of things. I’m NOT showing off here, this was earned!

Max Fill Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

This is the Persona book…you can buy back any and all of them (except 1), do you know what it took to get 100% completion! Also, my Yen is all 9’s, not easy to do; makes me proud!

S Links 100 Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

More work, nail-biting, and so on…you REALLY have to go through a lot of hell to get 100% social links, making friendly with all of the available characters is not a walk in the park, but this is the true finish, I have a trophy to prove it. This also means that when you drop dead at the hands of Izanami you have to listen to 21 characters tell you to get up…it’s really cool though and gives the game a lot of play.

My top 10 used Personas—they are like Espers in Final Fantasy, your stats are part of them, so choose wisely.

Haraedo-no-Okami belongs to Chie and is the third form of her Persona, I really like this character, so I try to get the upgrade as soon as I can, but that requires getting Chie to like me, so I work on her the most.

Top Per 1 Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Alice…right, from Alice in Wonderland—not the Disney versions—cartoon and live action, no this Alice is actually cool and her “Die For Me!” is a ‘Dark’ attack that drops card soldiers on the enemy and kills them all—most of the time.

Izanagi-no-Okami is the upgrade of the main character Yu’s Persona (I named him Yu Narukami after the Anime version; you can name him yourself if you like, but I like to keep it true; although the Anime came out after the game). Izanagi-no-Okami is the last Persona you get and in the new game plus you can create him with the fusion of 12 different Personas—VERY powerful.

Top Per 2 Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Magatsu-Izanagi is originally used by Adachi in the last fight with him, after you rank his social link to 10 you can fuse him in the Velvet Room (the place of mystery….) Mostly powerful, Magatsu-Izanagi is just cool to use.

Helel and Lucifer look almost the same don’t they??? Hmmmm? Both are very powerful and worth the hassle to fuse.

Top Per 3 Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Lucifer is probably one of the main ones I use because he keeps Yu alive—because if Yu dies, its game over…

Angel is self explanatory, I hate to say it, but I forgot to take a screen-cap of her before the end of the game, she is much stronger, so this is a lesser version, I doubt anyone tried to build her up because it is a pain in the ass, but man, what a nice view…

Top Per 4 Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Rangda is kind of cool, so I use her just because. I’m sure others use one of the other Personas in the book that they like, so with Angel and Rangda, that is pretty much how it is…

Beelzebub, the lord of the flies, man is he a disgusting and ugly piece of shit! …a damn powerful disgusting and ugly piece of shit.

Top Per 5 Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Ardha is a mix between Shiva and his wife—name’s not coming to me…but anyhow, that’s not the point; when you fight Margaret, she tries to waste you with Ardha, so you should return the favor.

No Role Playing game would be complete without some fights, so here is a selection of some good ones…

Love and Peace…Kuni-no-Sagiri—without giving a spoiler away—hah! Here is what you get by going after Namatame.

Nametame Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Even Kuma (Teddy) has a Shadow…

Kuma and Marie Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

…but, it’s Marie you have to watch out for…well, not really, fighting her is easy, its getting there that takes the physical and mental life out of you—I mean it, you really feel exhausted at the end.

Ameno-something…(Sagiri) an eyeball with jets that release fog—spooky! Well, not really…

Ameno S Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Izanami…I can think of a million things TO do with her like this…

Izanami Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

I can think of a million things NOT to do with her like that! Bloody skeleton…freak!

The BEST fight in the game! Margaret is not only your social link buddy and friend, but she also wants to fight you to the death or her defeat. A very long fight that feels like it’ll never end. You have to keep checking her stats before you attack each round or you might get screwed; she heals herself once, so by the time the fight is over you are exhausted and have to save and stop for the day or a while. Truly, the best fight in the game.

Margaret Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

It’s amazing that such a small screen can have such beautiful shots. These are just a few.

HQ shots 2 Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Another dose of nice captures; the two at the bottom are from the true ending of the game which I just love.

HQ shots Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

If you played the Play Station 2 version, you get up to the group photo and that is the ending. In P4G, you get a 5 months later ending where everyone has changed in appearance. I’ll leave figuring out who is who to you…Here’s a hint…their name is…

Surprise Ending Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Let’s take a break and talk about being a gigolo—how many girlfriends can you have? Well, in this game I counted 7-8…the “Sun” social link is one of two girls, so 7—this includes, Chie, Yukiko, Rise, Naoto, Ai, Yumi, Ayane, and Marie. Yumi and Ayane can only be made into social links in a separate game; you can’t date them or even be friends at the same time.

Gig lovers 1 Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Shrine visits, Xmas and Valentines Day are quite rough when you have to choose a girl and hide it from the others. At the end of Valentines Day they get their revenge (the ones in your group) and “help” your little cousin Nanako make a special treat for her Onee-Chan (big bro) and it kills you…until the next day that is…

Gig lovers 2 Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

With so many girls to choose from, you have to ask yourself, is it really that great to have so many tell you they love you…? Sometimes it feels good…

Chie choose Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

In a different play thru, I chose to make Chie my one and only which caused others to run off sad and what-not, but this time, Yu was NOT going to be a gigolo. I chose Chie because she sounded the most sincere and although I’ve always liked Yukiko, I felt she was just talking, so when you have your last outing with Chie on Valentines Day and you are sitting there and the voice actress is saying her lines, you REALLY feel that Chie loves you. What’s not to love about her though, she is a kung-fu movie geek, a bit on the weird side, unbelievably cute and can’t cook or bake for shit—BUT, she is sincere and that is what counts. I also like her outfits for some reason, she seems so alive.

After a lot of thought, I found my top 5 girls to be…Chie, Naoto dressed as a girl, Rise, Chihiro from another school reminiscent of Persona 3 (not a character in the game, she is in it for one small part).  And finally, Yukiko; she is special.

Top 5 Girls Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Awww…it’s sad, but we are nearing to a close; so here is a helping hand from Yukiko when she is not in your party…this is the true depiction of “women drivers, no survivors…”

Women drivers no survivors Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Kanji is so full of shit you asshat!

Kanji is full of shit Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Rated M for Mature… The more disturbing scenes in the game??? Are they really?

Naoto in the bath being touched by one of the other girls…
Kanji surprised by this being a strip joint.
Self explanatory, check out Chie’s…uh, outfit after looking at the pole dancer…
The birth of Venus…in a disturbing way….how did this get past the censors…?
Drunk Rise…or at least she thinks she is.
Cross dressing pageant, some dude would “hit it” with Kuma (Ted, Teddie)…funny!

Disturbing moments Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Now, I’ll leave you with some wise words from our friend Adachi, at least he knows the score. He is absolutely correct in his statements, anyone who doesn’t agree with these statements is the scourge of society—you know…like the damn teenagers who have everything going for them…department store heir, Hot Springs Inn heir, Genius Detective who lives in an estate, probably a rich family in the main character, heir to textile shop, pop idol, magical bear, and even Chie—yeah, she is the only one who should join in with Adachi.


Wise words from Adachi Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

Thanks for reading, if you were offended in any way, then I did my job. If not, and you just enjoyed it, then I did my job. Now go drop $260 for a PS Vita, P4G and a memory card and make your own memories!


pixel Persona 4: The Golden; Pictorial!

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