Pics Of DC’s Ame-Comi Risqué Costumes

amecomiww Pics Of DCs Ame Comi Risqué Costumes

Ame-comi is a DC Direct action figure line consisting of female characters influenced by Japanese anime.  I have one figure from the line, Wonder Woman.  At $50 per figure and rising, they’re not cheap.  I thought this line wasn’t popular because most toy messageboards I frequent, don’t like the line.  The collector’s think it’s overpriced, while the hardcore anime fans think that it doesn’t represent manga very well.

amecomicw Pics Of DCs Ame Comi Risqué Costumes

So it was a surprise to me that 3 of the character’s costumes will be sold exclusively online at Costume Craze.  Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Supergirl will be available in the summer from $60 – $80.  I’m not really a big fan of these costumes, they look cheap and it doesn’t translate well in real life.  Maybe the fabrics used are just too shiny.  Catwoman looks the best while the other is a joke. 

amecomisg Pics Of DCs Ame Comi Risqué Costumes

I wonder if these will be a hit for Halloween.  I think they have the right idea but executing it poorly.

pixel Pics Of DCs Ame Comi Risqué Costumes

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