Pictures: Kick-Ass 2

Check out these new images of Kick-Ass 2. I can’t wait for this film to come out, since the first Kick-Ass is one of the best comic book films to date. And, the fact that Jim Carrey is in the sequel makes it much more exciting. The comic-book was hillarious, and depressing at the same time – Millar style. So, here’s hoping for Kick-Ass 2 to follow the feel of the first film, and Millar’s depressing style at the same time.

kickass201 Pictures: Kick Ass 2
Jim Carrey

kickass203 374x1024 Pictures: Kick Ass 2
She looks just a little bit taller

kickass204 Pictures: Kick Ass 2

pixel Pictures: Kick Ass 2

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