Pitbull- Planet Pit CD (Music)

 Pitbull  Planet Pit CD (Music)

Pitbull has been on every other hit pop single these days and now he has his own disc in stores. Planet Pit is an infectious, party CD with a lot of catchy songs and future singles. It’s packed with current and future hits. “Mr Worldwide” isn’t the most impressive rapper, but he surrounds himself with a bevy of excellent producers and guest stars. The producers include RedOne (Lady Gaga), Max Martin and Dr Luke, Afrojack, and David Guetta. This is a perfect party CD. “Give Me Everything” is a terrific party starter with NeYo along with the single “Hey Baby”, they make a perfect duo. Sandwiched in the middle is my favorite track on the disc called “Rain Over Me” with Marc Anthony and RedOne providing the state of the art techno beats. It deserves to be the next single released.

Pitbull’s Planet Pit will get your party started. The 11 track disc has lots of hits and only one or two misses. Come N Go (produced by eurodance pop king Max Martin) and featuring Enrique Iglesias features a unique sample and is another can’t miss. Planet Pit is perfectly enjoyable, a tad crass, but always catchy.

Grade: A-

pixel Pitbull  Planet Pit CD (Music)

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