Pixar Hired To ReWrite Tron: Legacy

tron legacy02 Pixar Hired To ReWrite Tron: Legacy

Pixar writer/director Brad Bird (Incredibles) and writer Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) was hired by Disney to rewrite the script for Tron: Legacy.  It turned out that the Pixar crew including John Lassetter saw a rough cut of the movie in January since Disney wanted to reshoot some scenes.  According to EW, Disney wasn’t too confident with the film and hired Bird and Arndt  to focus on “character, emotion and theme.”

I’m guessing Tron: Legacy was probably visually appealing but have no emotional weight.  Pixar is known to make grown men cry from their movies so Disney did the right thing by hiring the two Pixar employees.  Bird was in talks to direct MI: 4, so he knows his action scenes, as well as the emotional side of the characters as seen in Ratatouille.  Disney has invested a lot of time and money into Tron: Legacy and they’re hoping they can make a franchise out of it.

Tron: Legacy will be released on December 17, 2010

pixel Pixar Hired To ReWrite Tron: Legacy

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