Video Game Review: PixelJunk(TM) Eden

pixeljunk eden 04 Video Game Review: PixelJunk(TM) Eden 

This game came out of nowhere.  I’ve been playing this little gem over the weekend.  This is the first game that I actually purchased from a console online (That’s got to say something).  It came out on the PSN Network for the PS3 over the weekend, and let me tell you guys, this game is addictingly fun. 

Eden is the 3rd game in the PixelJunk series developed by Q-Games. In Eden, the first thing that caught my eye are the unique visuals.  It’s a 2d game with vector-like graphics.  It reminds me of an oil painting coming to life.

You play as a Grimp (Grip+Jump), a little cute thing that can jump and spin silk.  You can’t walk or run, you can only jump, spin silk, and spin.  With just these manuevers, you can collect pollen and fill up seeds.  Once the seed is full, you simple find your way to the seed and jump inside it, creating a plant.  You use these plants to jump to higher areas so that you can collect Spectras.  Spectras are collected to spice up your garden and help plants grow.

The music for the game is electronica based, with ambient sounds to soothe you, and an upbeat tempo to get you in the groove of spinning silk and jumping.  It reminds me of Rez for the Dreamcast and PS2.

The garden can get a little repetitive after playing the first few, but the later gardens gets more vibrant.

The game is worth your 10 bucks if you’re looking for some unique gameplay and stylish graphics and sound.  Another point for casual gaming.


0 Video Game Review: PixelJunk(TM) Eden
pixel Video Game Review: PixelJunk(TM) Eden

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