Pizza Review: Dominos Pizza……is it really new and improved ??????

Dominos Pizza Review: Dominos it really new and improved ??????

Giant pizza chain Dominos Pizza has recently had a slew of clever ads where they are touting their new and mega-improved pizza as a breakthrough, admitting their old pizza was crap. I was hungry one night (and the awesome local place I ordered from was closed) so I ordered a medium pizza. Was this new Dominos really tastier and improved over their old cardboard cookie cutter pizza ? I was about to find out.

The new Crust:

The old Dominos crust was the weak point of their pie. It was basically like stale cardboard and coudn’t compete with a number of local joints that tasted fresher and more robust. I prefer a thinner crust and subtle flavors and the new Dominos is anything but. The new crust is spongy, greasy, gooey, and tastes like baby vomit. There are disgusting garlic sprinkles everywhere (trying in vain to wipe them off your finger tips every minute or so is NOT fun) and a buttery taste. Basically, its like eating texas toast, yet disgusting. It’d doesn’t mesh well with the pizza at all. It is softer and less like cardboard, but the flavor is too strong and unappealing.

Grade: F-

The new sauce

The new sauce claims to have a kick of pepper to balance out a new sweeter/Papa John’s-esque sauce. The sauce isn’t bad but is nothing special. It’s middle of the road and frankly rather dull. If you like sweeter sauce (and I don’t), you’re better off with Papa John’s, and if you like a more traditional flavor, Pizza Hut will do the trick. Dominos is at an ungainly cross-roads, and their new sauce is barely adequate.

Grade: C-

The new cheese

The new cheese claims to be 100 percent real cheese (makes me wonder what the f they were using before) with a hint of provolone for kick……again, I don’t really feel there’s much of a kick. Their new cheese is OK, but it’s bland and not really stringy/cheesy enough. It’s the bland leading the bland.

Grade: C-

Dominos new pizza is made nearly impossible to enjoy because of its disgusting new spongy, butter, ghastly crust. The rest is merely bad rather than awful but Dominos has a long way to go. I recommend trying and supporting local pizza places over Dominos. We have some awesome places here that put Dominos to shame. I don’t plan on having Dominos again any time soon…..if ever. Be sure NOT to order it for your superbowl party…’re better off with a decent frozen pizza as a last resort.

Overall Grade: D-

pixel Pizza Review: Dominos it really new and improved ??????

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