Plasma TV Hits All Time High

Everyone seems to be buying LCD’s and LED when it comes to flat screen TV’s but Plasma is making a comeback.  Plasma was introduced 8 years ago and didn’t become as popular as LCD.  Reason was the cost and life expectancy.  While it was obvious the Plasmas had better picture quality, a tv could cost up to $8 grand, with light bulb life only expected to work for 5 years.  Fast forward 8 years later and plasmas have better value than LCD’s.  I was at Costco two days ago and saw a 42-inch Panasonic Plasma for $479.  I bought the same model two years ago for $850.  I told my friend about my tv and she asked if I regret buying it.  I responded, “Not at all, for $850 it was already a great price.  For $479, everyone should buy that tv.” 

Plasma TV Panasonic Plasma TV Hits All Time High

I was wondering if Costco was just getting rid of their plasmas but a report from CNET came in stating that consumers care about picture quality.  CNET reported:

“During the fourth quarter of 2010, worldwide plasma panel shipments were up 9 percent year-over-year, hitting a record high of 5.2 million units.  The resurgence of plasma in 2010 was caused mainly by consumers looking for high-quality sets at a reasonable price. In fact, DisplaySearch said the glut of LED-backlit LCDs that hit store shelves last year slowed down the rate of price drops in the LCD market. That resulted in consumers, who were driven by the “increased importance of value,” opting for more plasmas.”

Today, I’m still happy with the Plasma TV, although I’m thinking about getting a bigger one with tax refund rolling in.  It’s so tempting beause of the price!

pixel Plasma TV Hits All Time High

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