PlayStation Hackers Arrested in Spain

The+inside+story+of+the+HBGary+hack+by+Anonymous+Hackers PlayStation Hackers Arrested in Spain

Police in Madrid, Spain have arrested three members of the  “Anonymous” group of activist/hackers.  They range in ages from 30 – 33 and are said to be leaders of the Spanish branch of the cyber-gang.  They reportedly attacked two major Spanish banks, an Italian energy company and the governments of Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand.  The three “hacktivists” have also been charged with targeting Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Although “Anonymous” had hacked Sony in the past, they denied any participation in the latest attack on Sony, which caused the Playstation Network to shut down for almost a month. Anonymous said they had no interest in people’s credit card numbers but have been critical in the past of Sony’s intellectual property rights.

I’ll tell you what: these guys are going down.  When Nato considers you a military threat… They’re looking at many, many years in prison, I’m afraid.

[Sources:  Reuters, Huffington Post]

pixel PlayStation Hackers Arrested in Spain

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