Playstation Plus – Worth It?

psplus Playstation Plus   Worth It?

So NERDSociety’s longtime good friend, Asriel, informed me that Sony released their new service, Playstation Plus.  I checked it out and the subscription fee is $18 every 3 months or $50 for a whole year and you get an extra 3 months free.  This new service will not replace the current free PSN, where you can play games like MW: 2 and SSF without paying an extra dime.  So if PS Plus won’t replace the current service, what does it actually do?  The premium service will give you free downloads to PSOne Classics, old PS3 games, wallpapers, demos, betas, themes and MINIs.

While some of the content sounds good, such as the old games, how many times are you really going to play them?  I have enough games that I have to finish before jumping to other ones.  Also the content isn’t yours to keep, it’s more like a rental.  If you stop the service, all the content you downloaded will be taken away.  Although I won’t subscribe to PS Plus, one cool feature is that you can download new games and Blu-Rays and try it out for one hour.  In the long run, this feature alone might save gamers a lot of money since they’ll know if the game is good or not.

According to Joystiq, the video site, Hulu, is also jumping onboard.  Monthly subscription is $9.99 but it only works if have PS Plus.

psplushulu Playstation Plus   Worth It?

“”Note: you must be a subscriber of the Playstation Plus Network.” – This will be the message you see if you don’t have PS Plus.

So if you get it for the year, you’re paying close to $14 a month for Hulu.  While Netflix doesn’t have as many tv shows as Hulu, I’m sticking with it because you don’t need PS Plus to play shows and movies.

In the end, I don’t think PS + is worth the price because you can’t keep the content.  If you were able to keep what you downloaded, it’d be a different story.

pixel Playstation Plus   Worth It?

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