Preview Of Wizard World Philly 2010!

wizardworld philly Preview Of Wizard World Philly 2010!

This weekend, will be attending the Wizard World: Philly, pop culture convention at the Philadelphia Convention center.

Some of the special guests are Patrick Stewart–no description needed. However, I will mention that between Star Trek, X-Men, the Anime Steamboy and countless performances on stage and screen, he is the highlight of this convention.

Also appearing is Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame, he has also been on many fantasy TV shows from the Hercules and Xena days where he played the character Autolycus. He also starred in Jack of All Trades and Brisco County Jr.

A comical actor whose voice could be heard in many video games and cartoons, Campbell has been known to have fun with his fans and give a good live performance.

As for the other personalities from television and movies, the list is too long but includes Adam West and Julie Newmar from Batman fame (and many others.) Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters, OZ and (that’s right, many others!) The list goes on to include a fine group from Star Trek, and other Sci-Fi actors and actresses.

The convention will also include a large selection of wrestlers such as Al Snow, Val Venus, Iron Sheik, Jazz and many others.

For me personally, I am looking forward to meeting Julie Newmar and Vernon Wells–for those who don’t know who he is, Wells is an actor from Australia whose been in a lot of the great 80’s films and TV shows including Knight Rider, Weird Science, Mad Max 2 and  Commando where he played “Bennett” who let off some steam with a pipe through his chest at the end of the movie.

I remember Vernon Wells fondly for the 1986 Australian movie called Fortress (not to be mistaken for the 1992 Fortress which he was also in).  In Fortress (1986) he played a thug who is involved in the kidnapping of a small class of students of different ages whom turn the tables in a bloody revenge in the end. Awesome movie, get it on

As for the the comic book artists and writers, there will be quite a large selection such as Joe Madureira from X-men and Battle Chasers, J.G. Jones of popular DC titles and Mark McKenna of Star Wars, Archie, and Supergirl. Just to name a few.

There will be toy companies such as Mattel and Shocker Toys (creators of the Mallow figurine).

Currently, the exclusives list is quite small with only Zenescopes books which feature a female main character wearing the colors of Philadelphia sports teams, a few prints, some Mallow figurines and a skateboard deck of Koni Konfidential. Hopefully the list will grow before opening day to include some interesting and well-known action figures.

All in all, the access to all the convention has to offer, the ability to meet a number of well-known personalities and to meet the fans who make this convention and the special guests who they are will be a great experience.

A number of articles will be featured on all aspects of the convention once it’s over.

Check out the links below to see all that Wizard World Philly 2010 has to offer.

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pixel Preview Of Wizard World Philly 2010!

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