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It’s that time of year again, on June 19th to the 21st the East-Coast will have the opportunity to experience Wizard World in Philadelphia PA.

Being from Philly, I can talk about the first-hand experience of going. You could either drive through lousy Philly traffic then pay an arm and a leg for parking and risk your wheels and sanity, OR you could take the Elevated Train and give Septa (the Transit authority) a couple of bucks to listen to some crazy preaching to you for a half hour. Fun huh?!

So after getting there, you have to survive a line that spans around a whole city block. Once you get in you see a plethora of vendors who charge triple the cost of EVERYTHING!

But, that’s just half the fun of it all. There is a lot to see and usually there will be something there that you are looking for. I had received a FREE action figure the second time I went which was actually nice. It was the Latino version of the Scary Tales “Little Red Riding Hood” called “Rojo Pequena.”  Very nice.  I will thank for that.

Rojo Pequena 280x300 Preview Of Wizard World Philly

FREE Rojo Pequena from

As for the special guests, well, there was Alex Ross which was cool and then some people from Smallville such as Cloe.  I can’t handle two horrible waits in line in one day so I skipped it.

I went searching for Yu-gi-oh cards and there were many, all jacked up in price but all I can say is: I got what I wanted. All in all it’s not bad, but the exclusives are noting compared to the SDCC.

So on to the 2009 Wizard World Convention.  I will start with Garth Ennis, Ray Park, Luciana Carro and Kristanna Loken.  I know who the guys are, but I don’t know the girls, sorry, I’m sure someone can comment on who they are.

Then comes the “exclusives.”  Is it the collectors edition of the first season of G1 Transformers?  No, that’s SDCC.  Is it Soundwave with Ravage, Ratbat and Laserbeak?  Nah, that’s SDCC too…  Man, what’s up with that!  We have an Edge figure for you wrestling fans and for MMA fans there is Andrei Arlovski with pitbull dog, Gold suit Obama and Logo colors Obama figures for fans of our great president in action figure form!

There is also a MTV‘s The MAXX figure and Emperor Wang from Flesh Gordon…  Oops…I mean Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon…My mistake!

There are also a pound of no-name indie comics with variant covers and then they also have some Mighty Muggs of Short Round and Sallah from Indiana Jones – they are available at Entertainment Earth, so what makes them exclusive?  There is also The Joker Squad from Star Wars which EE also has.  Convention debut or not, they shouldn’t be listed with the exclusives so they can make room for Keldor 2 or something people would kill each other for!

Finally, the dolls, which one of them is impressive – called Evangeline GhastlyOh My Goth!”  It’s only limited to 25 pcs and costs $160. To get it you have to be sure that you are bigger, faster and stronger than the other nerds.  Run in and ANYONE who gets in your way should be splattered to the ground until you dump out the money to get it!  And lastly there is Wonder Woman and Circe, no picture, no price – no dolls either I guess?!?  Made by

Will I go?  I don’t think so.  Should I go?  Maybe.  There is really nothing that I want, but I’m sure you all can find something that you like, check out:

…and see for yourselves.  Later.

pixel Preview Of Wizard World Philly

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