PS3 Firmware 3.70 Has 3D Lossless Audio

Tron Legacy Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund jpg PS3 Firmware 3.70 Has 3D Lossless Audio

PS3 has supported 3D blu-rays for a while but with the feature turned on, it could only play movies in Dolby or DTS.  Yesterday, Sony released the latest firmware update, 3.70.  The update can now play 3D movies while supporting uncompressed/lossless sound like DTS-HD and Dolby True HD.

I popped in Tron: Legacy and the presentation was awesome.  The visuals looked great, especially the light cycle battle and the sound was spectacular.  The bass was nuts, especially when they’re throttling the cycles. Daft Punk’s score is even more epic because it sounds so clear and smooth.

Sony also updated saved points for Plus members, as well as more convenient ways of sending messages with links.  More info can be found here for the rest of the updates.

Go update your PS3 now and enjoy full capabilities of your 3D blu-rays!


pixel PS3 Firmware 3.70 Has 3D Lossless Audio

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