PS3 Worth $499?

ps3 PS3 Worth $499?

I was going to write this article last week when news surfaced the PS3 was getting a $100 price drop. But I decided to wait after Sony’s press conference at E3 to give them a fair chance. After the overhyped release, it was obvious that consumers were not willing to pay $599 for a console that doubled as an entertainment center. Sony has tried attracting potential buyers by including 5 free Blu Rays and a price drop. With all the deals Sony is offering, is it worth getting it today. Here are the factors that will help me decide:

PS3 has been out for about 8 months now and only 1 “great” game came out, Resistance: Fall of Man (It’s a good game, but nothing groundbreaking). Sony needs to release more A-list titles. One game will not justify purchasing a $500 machine. Their biggest exclusive, GTA, is not exclusive anymore. It’s also going to the X Box along with 2 exclusive contents being released next year on Live. At the press conference yesterday, they showed in game footage of Killzone 2. It looked badass, we should get more games like this. Not ports. Problem? It won’t be released until 2008. Same with Metal Gear Solid. Rumor is, Kojima is loyal to Sony and wants to release it as an exclusive for PS3. Sony has great potential with their A-list exclusive titles: Socom, Gran Turismo, Shadow of the Colossus and God of War. Sony should release at least 3 exclusive titles by next year or else PS3 might be doom. The reason I bought a PS2 was because of the exclusive games: GTA 3 and Medal of Honor Frontline. I wouldn’t have bought a PS2 if I could have gotten those games elsewhere. Sony doesn’t believe in exclusive games but that’s just a bunch of bs. M$ is just outbidding them and they can’t match it.

KIll Zone 2 footage

Blu-Ray Player
I’ve watched Blu-Ray movies on the PS3 and let me just say that it is an excellent player. PS3 is capable of outputting 1080p video and PCM audio tracks(uncompressed tracks that are supposedly better than movie theatre tracks). Navigating through the menu is a breeze. Controls are very responsive and faster than my Sony DVD player. Sound is more crisp and after hearing the PCM tracks, you’ll notice how compressed DVD audio really is. Sony is offering 5 free Blu Ray movies so that’s a plus. Too bad the movies they offer are pretty crappy just like HD-DVD’s offer.

Sony calls it SixAxis, I call it crap. We’re used to our controllers vibrating ever since it was introduced with Star Fox 64 on N64. We’ve taken granted of it. It’s especially helpful when you are playing Halo and notice that you are getting hit from behind because the controller is vibrating. PS3’s controller doesn’t have a rumble feature because they were too cocky to pay off the company that invented it. So they decide to release a $50 controller that has no rumble feature but a Wii like feature. PS3 detects if the controller is pointed in a certain direction (Maybe Nintendo should sue) and affect the gameplay. Rumor is Sony is releasing a rumble feature controller sometime soon. I hope it’s true because this feature makes a HUGE difference.

Hey it’s like a cheap version of Xbox Live. You get what you pay for, in this case: $0. You can download trailers and demos just like Live. For now playing online is free and I must say I was surprised how good the connection was. Control panel isn’t as pretty and navigation isn’t as smooth as Live but it gets the job done.

If your main reason for buying a PS3 is for games: wait until 2008, when there are more exclusive games coming out. What’s the point of buying of a $500 system when you can play it on a $400 system(Xbox 360). By 2008, there might be another price drop and maybe the bundled controller will have the rumble feature. Sony’s E3 conference showed how powerful the PS3 is by showing real gameplay of Killzone but was the only impressive one(are developers having a hardtime programming for the PS3?).

If you’re buying it for the Blu Ray player: You can’t go wrong with it. It’s one of the cheaper Blu Ray players on the market and one the best. Plus you get a videogame system out of it. Sony made an excellent player that is capable of playing great high definition movies. You get 5 free movies with it and if you don’t like what you get, ebay them. You’ll probably get about $15-$20 per movie so that should save you some major cash.

pixel PS3 Worth $499?

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