PS4 Speculation

Sony will make an announcement tomorrow regarding its new console.  I’ll go out on a limb and I will just call it the PS4….. since you know, the last one was called PS3.

The rumor price right now is $400.  That might be too good to be true.  When the PS3 first came out in 2006, it was a whopping $600 (cost Sony $300 to make at the time).  That was also the start of the blu-ray so that hardware added to the hefty manufacturing cost.  With the less powerful Nintendo Wii-U retailing at $350, I’ll say the next Sony game system will be $500.

The controller looks pretty cool.  The leaked pics below are supposed to be the real deal.  If those are real, I like it.  The thumbsticks further apart means easier control.  There seems to be a small screen that can be used for maps & inventory.  It’s safe to say that Sony isn’t going gimmicky with this console.  It’ll be traditional but with bad ass graphics.

ps4 PS4 Speculation

ps4 a PS4 Speculation

ps4 b PS4 Speculation

It’s rumored that the PS4 will also output 400k resolution for the uhmmm….new 400k  tvs.  This is clearer than blu-ray but my question is how much better can it get?  DVD to HD was a huge step for picture quality but do we need it a higher resolution?

The release date is supposedly planned for Nov 2013, just in time for the Holidays.  Makes sense to me.

Now where is the xbox 720 controller at?  I have to decide which one I’m getting…all based on the controller design of course!



pixel PS4 Speculation

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