Quick Oscar Predictions

 10s Quick Oscar Predictions

Evil freak, Javier Bardem with the scariest haircut in movie history, from No Country for Old Men.

The Academy Awards air on Sunday night and I wanted to make my predictions about the winners in each of the major categories:

Best Visual Effects:  Transformers will win, the effects were extremely impressive.

Best Animated Feature:  Ratatouile will win…..even though I’d like to see an upset and have Persepolis win.

Best Documentary:  The acclaimed No End in Sight will win…..although the fascinating documentary about Donkey Kong and the eternal struggle between good and evil called The King of Kong, should have been nominated.

Best Screenplay, adapted for the screen:  The Coen Brothers will win for No Country for Old Men, I’d like to see it go to young Sarah Polley though, for her excellent screenplay Away From Her.

Best Original Screenplay:  The sinister Diablo Cody of Juno fame has this locked up, emo hipsters time to prance.

Best Direction:  The Coen Brothers will win for No Country for Old Men.

Best Supporting Actress:  I have no idea who will win this wide open category so I’ll go with Cate Blanchett for the Bob Dylan film that no one saw, and even less people were interested in seeing.  Possible upset can come from legendary Ruby Dee for her role in American Gangster.

Best Supporting Actor:  Javier Bardem wins for his memorable and menacing work in No Country for Old Men, friendo.

Best Actress:  Julie Christie will win for Away from Her……possible spoiler would be Ellen Page for Juno, but I’d be shocked if it happened.

Best Actor:  Daniel Day Lewis is a stone cold lock for There Will Be Blood.

Best Motion Picture:  No Country for Old Men takes it over the hipster fav Juno.  Juno won the IFC Spirit Award last night for best picture but I can’t see it winning the oscar (I don’t think……).

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